Authentic Re-purposed Gucci Patch Denim Hat with Swarovski Crystals


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Whatever you do, do it with style in our re-purposed Gucci Patch Hat.  When you combine Gucci and Swarovski crystals, you're getting the best of the best.  Made from vintage, pre-owned purses in the beige/ebony soft GG Supreme canvas and trimmed with Swarovski crystal rivets.  Our denim low profile style ball cap is easy to wear, comes in 2 colors and our favorite new style found at the fashion trade shows we attend.  Cutting an authentic Gucci bag isn't for the faint of heart, but we give damaged bags new life when we turn them into a stylish, fabulous hat! 

First used in the 1970s, the GG logo was an evolution of the original Gucci rhombi design from the 1930s, and from then it's been an established symbol of Gucci's heritage.  Adjustable and an original design.

Disclaimer: Glitzy Bella is not affiliated in any way with Gucci, whose products appear on our website. We simply repurpose authentic, pre-owned Gucci handbags and put the hand cut pieces on hats.

Vendor: Glitzy Bella

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